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User Support Department

The User Support Department ensures information about CARNET services, methods and terms of use and provides help in case of possible problems. Users are individuals (students, professors, pupils etc.) and institutions of the academic, scientific and educational system.

The user support department continuously provides support to users of CARNET through two services:

  • Members service
  • Helpdesk for End Users.

The members service aims at improving the cooperation and contact quality of member institutions and CARNET.

Within the cooperation with member institutions, the activities of the members service are the following:

  • active monitoring of the implementation and use of resources in members
  • regulating the mutual legal obligations of members and CARNET
  • planning of necessary upgrades of infrastructure in members (connection, web server)
  • keeping records on the status of CARNET resources made available to institutions, and
  • reporting to the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports about the situation in institutions.

The helpdesk for end users works through two teams: the CARNET services support team and the educational system support team.

The CARNET services support team provides basic technical support to users and provides basic information on CARNET and its current public activities and projects and supported CARNET services to anyone interested.

Supported CARNET services are all publicly announced and documented CARNET products for which data on the manager and contact person, data on rights and the method of use and user instructions are made publicly available.

The educational system support team provides basic technical support to users of the National information system for applications to higher education institutions (NISpVU) and provides background information on the state final exam and enrollment in degree programs of institutions of high education in the Republic of Croatia. 

Basic support includes:

  • basic information on the services
  • instructions on how to exercise a right to the use of a particular service
  • basic instructions on how to use a service to which a user is entitled
  • basic help in case of problems with the use of a particular service.

The basic help provided by the Helpdesk to end users in case of problems with the use of some services consists of the following:

  • resolving the problem in cooperation with the user and, if necessary, with a specialist for the service in question, who will be provided by the provider of the service in question
  • referral of users to the address where he can get help, in cases when the Helpdesk cannot help with resolving the problem.

The basic user support provided by the Helpdesk is organised in the following way:

  • relying to user questions that are received via one of the supported communication channels
  • creation and maintenance of documents with responses to frequently asked questions
  • creation and maintenance of websites intended for basic user support.

The communication channels used by the Helpdesk for end users are the following: regular mail, fax, electronic mail, telephone, Skype and Facebook.