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Network Infrastructure Department

Activities of the Network Infrastructure Department concern the construction and maintenance of the CARNET network infrastructure and the research and implementation of new web and multimedia technologies. 

The Network Infrastructure Department is divided into five services:

  • Network Creation
  • Network Control and Maintenance
  • Network Services
  • Individual User Access
  • Multimedia.

Network creation services are responsible for the establishment of new connections, and the relocation or cancellation of connections to locations of CARNET member institutions, the creation of optical networks, assignment of IPv4 and IPv6s addressing spaces and the maintenance and assignment of active network equipment and the uninterruptible power supply of PoPs.

Network control and maintenance services include the creation and maintenance of a surveillance system for the supervision of the CARNET network and is responsible for the operation of the Network Operations Centre. This service, together with the network services, is responsible for the creation, maintenance and safety of the CARNET network core.

Network services are responsible for the maintenance, development and safety of the internal network of the CARNET institution, connecting the CARNET network with other networks, such as the Internet, GÉANT and the exchange of Internet traffic with other telecommunication operators in Croatia via CIX.

Individual user access services ensure a series of services through which individual CARNET users from remote locations can connect to the CARNET network. Through cooperation with numerous partners – telecom operators, via various technologies which they support and with the assignment of a CARNET addressing space and by using authentication and authorisation infrastructures of the educational and academic community, nine service are provided (not counting subvariants), each of which has its specific quality and deserves an individual slot on the list of services within the Network Infrastructure Department.

Services and projects of the Multimedia services are divided into two units:

  • videoconferences
  • video network.

Videoconferences via multimedia technologies enable two-way communication, and depending on the number of users, three groups of services and videoconferences are differentiated: hall conferences (they take place in specially equipped halls designated for a larger number of users), office conferences and desktop videoconferences. The CARNET video network includes services of live internet transmissions - iRTV (video streaming) and downloading video contents on demand (MoD, Baltazar).

The Network Infrastructure Department participates in the activities of almost all other departments, and it independently or in cooperation with other departments provides 33 services and plans 16 new projects in 2012.

In 2012, a series of activities concerning the further construction, advancement and optimization of the core, the access part of the CARNET network and web and multimedia services need to be carried out. The planned projects considerably depend on the available financial and human resources and the necessary preconditions and can vary in scale from basic and minimum maintenance of the established status to significant advances such as the construction of fiberoptic networks in cities and the establishment of a DWDM network in entire Croatia for the purposes of CARNET and the educational, scientific and research communities.