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CARNET in the GÉANT project

Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET has been participating for a number of years in international GÉANT (Multi-Gigabit European Academic Network) projects co-financed by the European Union. CARNET was admitted to the GÉANT consortium as early as 2001, when the first generation of GÉANT was launched, and in September 2004 CARNET actively joined the work on the GÉANT2 project, and its involvement significantly contributed to that project and the construction and development of a pan-European network. Through GÉANT, all CARNET users (school children, teachers, college and university students, professors, scientists and employees in CARNET member institutions) have a direct connection with their colleagues from 40 European countries and more than 8000 research and education institutions. The third generation of GÉANT projects, i.e. the GÉANT 3 project, in which CARNET is also actively involved, is currently in progress. We bring you information on GÉANT 3 and CARNET's role in the project, and here you can find everything about the history of GÉANT.


CARNET in the new Generation of GÉANT Project

At the start of May, a new generation of GÉANT projects was initiated - GÉANT4, which will be carried out under the auspices of FPA (Framework Partnership Agreement) in several phases and it will last seven years. The first stage of the project will be entitled GÉANT4 SGA1 (Specific Grant Agreement 1) and it will last for 12 months (from 1 May 2015 to 30 April 2016). SGA2 and SGA3 will follow after this, with each of them lasting three years.

The GÉANT project grew through its iterations (GN2, GN3, GN3plus) and it contains today, in addition to the award-winning 500 Gbps physical network, a portfolio of advanced, user-oriented services which shift the boundaries of network technologies. The GÉANT network is an advanced pan-European academic and research network (Multi-gigabit PanEuropean Research and Education Network) and using its own optical infrastructure it ensures the mutual connection of European academic and research networks with capacities of up to 500Gbit/s and the connection of Europe to other continents. The GÉANT network currently connects more than 50 millions of users in 10 000 institutions throughout Europe.

For almost 15 years, National Research and Education Networks (NREN) have combined forces to represent the vital part of European e-infrastructural strategy by providing the high-speed connectivity required for the sharing, availability and processing of huge amounts of data. This data is generated and vital for various research communities in the field such as particle physics, bioinformatics, Earth observation, medication research, art and culture.

As part of the GÉANT2020 Framework Partnership Agreement, the GÉANT4 Project is financed by the European Union through the Horizon2020 programme, Framework Programme for Research and Innovations (2014-2020). 40 partners, European academic and research networks will participate in the project, lead by the organisation of GÉANT. The organisation of GÉANT was formally established on 7 October 2014 at the Berlin Meeting, by uniting of the organisations of TERENA and DANTE, as a response to the request of the community of European academic and research networks for the rationalisation of the management structures of the GÉANT project and the TERENA organisation. In addition to the service of Internet connectivity, GÉANT provides a series of advanced network services, such as eduroam, EduGAIN, perfSONAR, Multidomain Virtual Private Network (MD VPN) etc.

The new generation of the GÉANT4 project provides improvements in all areas relevant for ensuring the continuous improvement of the GÉANT network, and at the heart of it is the research and development of new user-oriented network services.

CARNET is the official Croatian representative in this project, and in this sense collaborates with the University Computing Centre - Srce, which participates in the project as a third party. CARNET continued its active contribution in the new generation of the project, and in addition to the high number of employees participating in the project, Ivana Golub will be the SA4 Activity Leader. A lot of confidence was shown to Croatian representatives who will also be Task Leaders. Branko Radojeviæ from CARNET will lead SA7, Damir Regvart from CARNET will lead JRA1, and Miroslav Milinoviæ from Srce will lead SA5. Ivan Mariæ (Srce) is a member of the new Management Board of the GÉANT organisation.



The first day of May marked the commencement of the second stage of the pan-European infrastructure project GÉANT4. It will last 32 months, until 31 December 2018. GÉANT4 takes place under the auspices of the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA), which covers a period of 7 years, and is financed within the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme, the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020). In the project, Croatia is represented by the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNET).

The GN4 SGA2 (Special Grant Agreement) will assist in raising European research to a higher level, encouraging scientific excellence, access to research data and their reuse, as well as supporting open science. It will also encourage a reduction in the cost of scientific infrastructure by promoting the interoperability of e-infrastructures at a European level.

The GÉANT project has developed through many iterations (GN2, GN3, GN3plus, GN4-1), and today with its award-winning 500 Gbps physical network, it comprises a portfolio of advanced, user-oriented services that push the boundaries of network technologies. The GÉANT network is an advanced Multi-gigabit PanEuropean Research and Education Network that ensures on its own optical infrastructure the interconnection of European academic and research networks with capacities of up to 500Gbit/s and connects Europe with other continents. The GÉANT network currently connects more than 50 million users all over Europe.

The University of Zagreb Computing Centre has also been involved in the capacity of a third party and as a years-long partner of CARNET on GÉANT projects. CARNET continued with its active contribution during the new generation of the project, with its large number of employees participating in it and further actively participates in the development of the most advanced pan-European research network.

A great deal of trust has been given to CARNET representatives, who will also be task and activities managers. Ivana Golub will be deputy manager for the activity SA2 and manager of the task SA2 T3, and Branko Radojeviæ from CARNET will manage the task JRA4 T1.

You can find more information on the official web site of the GÉANT project.