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Education Support Department

The Education Support Department offers support to the educational and academic community in the use of information and communication technologies, for the purpose of improving the teaching and learning processes. The activities of the department are aimed at strengthening the educational community for the purpose of achieving its digital maturity, through systematic education on the methods of implementing technology and online content in teaching, with consideration of the pedagogical and methodical aspects of the application of such contents, as well as through the research and implementation of educational technologies appropriate for the Croatian educational context.

Support is provided by three services and one team:

  • the E-Learning Research and Development Service;
  • the E-Learning Support Service;
  • the Education Technologies Service;
  • the Web Production and Strategy Team.

As part of the activities of the E-Learning Development and Research Service, the Department examines user needs, monitors trends in the field of e-learning and, based on the conclusions, develops new contents and programmes and directs the development of CARNET's education support services. One of the tasks of the Service is also to promote and raise awareness about global trends within the Croatian educational environment, to cooperate with other institutions competent for the educational system and to introduce ICT in education, as well as cooperate with research institutions which investigate the educational process and system.

The activities of the E-Learning Support Service are focussed on the development of the digital competences of CARNET's users and on education for the purpose of high-quality and useful application of educational tools, through the planning and development of online courses, webinars, seminars and workshops, as well as participation in regular conferences of educational workers. The Education Support Service also participates in infrastructure projects aimed at strengthening the educational community, such as Schools 2.0 and Classroom of the Future etc.

The Education Technologies Service is responsible for supporting the use of distance-learning platforms, as well as of other education technologies and tools for the creation of online educational content and the implementation of e-learning. It is also responsible for monitoring trends in education technologies, adapting the offered education technologies to the needs of CARNET's users, testing new tools introducing new education technologies and tools as CARNET's services. In cooperation with the other two services, the Education Technologies Service designs and performs the training of users for using the tools offered by CARNET and creates educational multimedia and multimedia materials for CARNET's services.

The Web Production and Strategy team designs websites and systems with educational content and is also responsible for the development of competences and knowledge regarding educational content, its formats and features, and for the further development of educational websites. In cooperation with other CARNET services and teams, the team disseminates CARNET's knowledge, as well as its results, activities and achievements, to the public and the users, via the websites which it maintains and develops: the School Portal, the eLektire and portals and CARNET's public website.

Furthermore, by participating in EU-funded projects, the Education Support Department attempts to contribute to the exchange of experience and dissemination of knowledge within the context of ICT use in education and teaching in online and combined surroundings.