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A webinar (WEB based semINAR) is a seminar, lecture or workshop that is broadcast online. It happens in real-time and includes sound, textual or video communication between a lecturer and an attendant, who are on different locations. The level of interaction depends on the author and subject presented. Webinars can be accessed from any computer that has Internet connection, and afterwards it is possible to download and view a recording of the webinar.

The technical prerequisite for viewing a webinar is a computer with loudspeakers connected to average-speed Internet. A microphone and headphones make the participation more comfortable, but are not indispensable.

What are the advantages of a webinar?        

  • Cost-effectiveness – the attendant does not have to spend time or money to travel to the training programme
  • Simplicity - access from any location where the attendant has a computer and Internet access
  • Comfort – others are not disturbed
  • Efficiency – high concentration level on the content and course of the training programme




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