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With aim to improve quality and security of computer systems as well as to offer additional support to CARNET's system engineers in day-to-day duties at their institutions, CARNET has developed a service that enables them to backup their data over the network in a secure manner.

For now, this service is offered to higher education member institutions only and provides several advantages over some current backup solutions in use at member institutions.

So far it was a common practice for a institution to backup their data on magnetic tape using tape drives, which often required change of tapes on daily bases. Also, it was not unusual to keep those tapes at the same physical locations as the server whose data are stored. This meant that in case of disaster all data from server, as well as the one stored on tapes could be lost. Sys.backup mitigates these issues since all backups are done automatically, without user intervention and all data are stored on CARNET's enterprise type storage system in two steps and on two, geographically separated, locations. Sys.backup is based on bacula, a set of Open Source, enterprise ready, computer programs.

The service can be easily setup by installing a custom developed, Debian GNU/Linux based package - bacula-cn. The content of all files is encrypted using PKI on client side and can only be decrypted on (same) client side.

Backup is done over existing connections to CARNET network and backup jobs are done during late night hours, when the load on the network is at its minimum thus preventing degradation of other services going over the same link.

More information can be found on SSSMI's* portal (croatian version).

* System Support Services for Member Institutions




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