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Internet Transmission (streaming)

IRTV (Internet radio and television) and streaming service is established to bring interesting live video events  as there are happening. The media content is usually produced by CARNET or CARNET member institution. For some events, that are of the academic interest, CARNET supports broadcasting (publishing or rebroadcasting) live  event.

With streaming video or streaming media, a user does not have to wait to download a file to play it. Instead, the media is sent in a continuous stream of data and is played as it arrives and can be seen from every corner of the Earth.

The goal of the CARNET is to provide our users and general public with various multimedia contents from the life and work of CARNET and also from the Croatian educational, academic and research community (videoconference, lectures, seminars, musical concerts etc.).

Also as part of the service we try to follow the technology developments y researching what is the best of new technology like.

Typical R&D projects are: High definition video distribution, implementation and extension of multicast network for easy media delivery, full IPTV service, new video formats have a new methods of compression for audio and visual digital data, etc.. Also the CARNET R&D made different applications for video and content delivery, internally used for streaming CARNET Users Conference.

The multimedia server of the CARNET iRTV service is at and supports the streaming of the currently dominant multimedia architectures (Flash, Quicktime, RealMedia and Windows Media).

Recorded events can be found and search at CARNET media on Demand portal




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