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Electronic Identity

Electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system is a virtual identity in the CARNET network received by individual users from CARNET member institutions (students, teachers,  professors and other employees) which allows them to use CARNET services. Authorised home institutions open the electronic identity in a way that depends on the status of the person who requested it.

The AAI@EduHr system is technically carried out by using a distributed LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory. Each institution from the system of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, which is part of the AAI@EduHr system, has its own LDAP directory in which the electronic identities of users from that institution are stored.

The electronic identity is used for the authentication and authorization for various CARNET services and is necessary to get access to these services (e.g. DUO.CARNET, Mobile CARNET, MetroCARNET, XCARNET/3DCARNET, OptiCARNET, VipmeCARNET, CARNET modem entries, CARNET Webmail, ‘Nikola Tesla’ National Portal for Distance Learning, e-libraries, the Školska učilica school study-aid, School Portal forum and others).




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