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The portal is the central point for accessing services provided by CARNET, accessible by using the electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system. By logging in on this portal, users are logged in all services that they have the right to use, with no need to log in several times at different locations.

The portal is based on the single sign-on system (SSO), a mechanism that allows users to sign on only once when accessing web applications, after which there is no need to do this for accessing any other application as long as it is part of the SSO system. The user always enters his user name and password through the same interface (in this case the portal), regardless of which application he wishes to access. The owner of the application that the user wishes to access has no access to the user's passwords, which greatly increases the security level of the user data.

The applications accessible through the portal are the following: Nikola Tesla distance-learning portal, Moodle/Loomen, e-Library, eReadings, Libar, School Portal, Adobe Connect Pro, Video Portal Baltazar, e-Class Register, Radio on Demand, CARNET Users Conference - CUC, Partner's in Learning, CARNET Meduza, e-Lab, Office365 and Webmail.




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