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e-Class Register

E-schools are digitally mature schools, connected high speed internet connection, equipped computer and communication technologies, with digitally competent teachers and students and a fully computerized business processes. Considering that all Croatian schools are CARNET users, connected on CARNET network, on three digitally competent schools appeared the need for computerized business process of management class records. These schools have turned to CARNET with this initiative and we decided to create an application to improve administration which schools are obliged to maintain under Croatian law.

The e-Class Register is a web application for the management of the class register in electronic form, which began as a pilot project at the beginning of the 2011/2012 school year in three Croatian secondary schools.

This application was developed by CARNET and it has all functionalities of existing paper class registers with some additional functionality that provides use of ICT technologies. By the beginning of school year 201/2012, all schools in Croatia kept records in paper form and three secondary schools began using e-Class Register.

From that school year teachers are entering classrooms with tablet or personal computer which is used to access e-Class Register application. Usage of e-Class Register in these schools was very successful. After six months of application usage, a survey was conducted among teachers and showed that 90% of users think that e-Class Register application is an improvement over paper version. 

After positive experience in the first year, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports has changed the rules of school administration, which ordered record keeping solely in paper form and now schools can choose digital form over paper form. In school year 2014/2015 30% of schools is using e-Class Registry. Schools included are CARNET partners in development of application which is continuously updated according to the school's new proposals.

Application users are teachers, students and parents. Teachers enter data for teaching hours, absent students, marks, school excursions, school and parent meetings etc. Students can use mobile and desktop version of e-Class Register. They login with their AAI@EduHr electronic identity so they can view their grades, notes, absences, reading and exam schedule. Parents can view that information as well with 48 hours delay. Parents can also subscribe to email notifications for absences of children. Experience showed, that this reduced unexcused absences of students and has also influenced on better communication between parents and teachers. Parents talk more with teachers and solve problems before they escalate.

Along with existing functionalities of paper-based class register, the application has an additional value in a form of reporting system that helps teachers in monitoring students and preparing reports for sessions of teacher's council. In a quick, simple and reliable way, homeroom teachers, teachers and principals are able to see various reports on grades and absences. There is also a possibility of alarming homeroom teacher about students with a large number of negative marks or absences and alarming the principal about backlogs in the execution of the curriculum. An additional advantage is prevention of malversations concerning unauthorized entries as well as cases of theft and accidental or intentional destruction of the class register with which schools are sometimes faced.

Data security is very important in this project, so each teacher is using his AAI@EduHr (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure) username with one time password and pin for authentication. This type of authentication is also known as two-factor authentication or strong auth. All user activities such as insertion, editing or deletion of data is recorded into database. Database backup is done every hour during working hours and once at midnight. Schools are combining usage of tablets and computers.

E-class register communicates with the central e-main registry of Ministry of Science, Education and Sports via webservice. An additional value of this project is that schools don't need to repeat data input (once for paper/digital class register, and once for e-main registry).