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CMS for Schools

CARNET has enabled primary and secondary schools to use a Content Management System as part of the Hosting Service for Primary and Secondary Schools (HUSO), developed and designed especially for the needs of schools.

CMS for Schools is a system allowing simple setup and updating of websites through a web browser. If a school decides to use the CARNET CMS it can chose between several ready-made designs and templates as well as a series of functions and collaboration tools (news, forums, polls, html editor, RSS and others). The CMS enables efficient use of the web space that the school has received within the Hosting Service, with no need for great prior technical knowledge.

Currently more than 1000 primary and secondary schools feature websites designed in the CARNET CMS for Schools.

The system is based on a Strix portal, and to be able to use it, a school needs to activate a HUSO user account. The website is activated through an application for the administration of the HUSO user account, which can only be done by the directory administrator or the school resources administrator.




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