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Abuse Service

The CARNET Abuse Service receives and processes reports concerning computer security incidents and the abuse of CARNET resources, such as:

  •  spam
  •  copyright infringement
  •  unauthorised access
  •  break-ins
  •  viruses/worms/trojans
  •  DoS
  •  DDoSs
  •  commercial use
  •  netiquette.

Acceptable behaviour of CARNET users is defined by the document entitled "Resolution on acceptable use of the CARNET network" as well as by universally accepted standards of behaviour for users in individual and group communication. The CARNET abuse service operating rules are defined by the document entitled "Regulation of the operation of the CARNET Abuse Service".

  • The operating principles of the Abuse Service are the following:
  • The starting point for taking action are the facts indicated by users in the incident report
  • The Abuse Service studies the data responsibly and precisely before taking further steps
  • Every report is classified according to the above classification of incidents
  • If the Service receives a report which points to several potential offences, the first offence to be processed will be the one deemed the most severe
  • The Service respects the privacy of users and uses the data in the way indicated in this document
  • The Service submits data to third parties strictly on the basis of a court order or at the request of the police during an investigation procedure
  • All correspondence is archived
  • The Service operates every working day (Monday – Friday)
  • The Service replies within 24 hours to all received reports
  • If the Service receives a report on a non-working day or outside working hours, the deadline for replying is the following working day.

A computer incident or violation of acceptable behaviour can be reported by any person in Croatia or the world. What is important is that the computer incident was committed by a user of the CARNET network.
Working hours of the Abuse Service are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.




Phone: +385 1 6661 655