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  • January – start of the CRISS project with participation of CARNET
  • February – for the occasion of celebrating the Safer Internet Day, CARNet's national CERT department held a webinar called "Social engineering - man as the biggest vulnerability of the system"
  • February – opening the Classroom of the Future in the Karlovac Grammar School
  • February – publishing the first 100 teaching scenarios as part of the e-Schools pilot project
  • February – national CERT participated at the meeting of the network of European teams for handling computer-security incidents on Malta
  • March – the School Portal celebrated 10th anniversary
  • March – Goran Kezunović is appointed the new Director General of CARNET
  • March - CARNET hosted the international partner meeting for the ATS2020 project
  • March - agreement on procurement of network equipment for 130 schools in the E-schools project
  • April - delegation of the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey visited CARNET
  • April - signed agreements for creation of digital educational contents as part of the e-Schools pilot project
  • April – Split hosted the event Modern Technologies in Education – MTE 2017
  • May – CARNET participated at the conference "Stay in Croatia – School Festival 2017"
  • May – CARNET participated at the 6th Scientific Picnic
  • September - CARNET sponsored the FSec2017 conference on information security
  • September - CARNET, the Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity - IRIM, and the Ministry of Science and Education started the ProMikro project
  • September – as part of the e-Schools pilot project, CARNET signed a contract for production of 72 e-reading assignments
  • September - CARNET launched a new service - sys.monitor
  • October – e-Schools project presented at the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels
  • October – CARNET hosted the 24th CENTR Marketing workshop
  • October - presentation of the CARNET's new national CERT project: GrowCERT
  • October - renovation of the agreement between the Ministry of the Interior and CARNET (National CERT)
  • October - national CERT marked 10 years of existence
  • November – in Dubrovnik, 19th CARNET's users conference - CUC 2017 held under the title "Connected with knowledge (…25 years)"
  • November – CARNET and Srce presented with the charter of the Republic of Croatia
  • November - marking of the 25th anniversary of Internet in Croatia
  • November – development of digital educational contents accessible in Edutorij as part of the e-Schools pilot project
  • December - CARNET and the National CERT actively participated in the NATO's "Cyber Coalition 2017" exercise
  • December - CARNET hosted the international partner meeting for the CRISS project
  • December – production of all 240 teaching scenarios completed as part of the e-Schools pilot project


  • January - CARNET published new service for creation, publishing and viewing of the digital content - Libar
  • February - New Classroom of the Future opened in the Popovača Elementary School
  • March - CARNET granted a project in Erasmus + CA1: Mobility for learning for individuals
  • March - CARNET presented e-Schools project at The Week of EU funds
  • March - 100,000th user awarded for using CARNET's Loomen
  • March - presentation of CARNET at RIT's "Career Education Day" in Zagreb
  • March - as part of the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project CARNET launched a new competition in the implementation of the ISE learning scenarios
  • April - CARNET selected five schools as e-Schools Regional Training Centres
  • April - representatives of CARNET and the Register of .hr Domains participated in the seventh annual conference on the Internet - DIDS 2016
  • April - Classroom of the Future opened at the Horvati Elementary School in Zagreb
  • April - the e-Schools project presented in Brussels at the tenth consecutive "Scientix Projects' Networking Event
  • April - an Agreement on creating a framework for digital competences signed by CARNET
  • April - Third Student day "Modern Technologies in Education - STO 2016" organised by CARNET held in Rijeka
  • May - second phase of the Pan-European infrastructure project GÉANT4 - SGA2 started
  • May - CARNET participated at the Cloud Day conference in Opatija
  • July - Classroom of the Future opened in the Metković Gymnasium
  • July - CARNET enabled registration of new types of .hr domains
  • July - Contract in the value of 227 million kuna signed by CARNET for the development of digitally mature schools (e-Schools)
  • July - CARNET signed an agreement to fund the bilateral activities within the Financial mechanism of the Kingdom of Norway and the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • September - Wi-Fi network project implemented in 50 primary and secondary schools
  • September - CARNET co-organized the 5th Scientific picnic
  • October - the 25th anniversary of the launch of the project CARNET marked
  • October - CARNET became part of the first Croatian Competence Centre for Cyber Security
  • November - the 18th CARNET Users Conference CUC 2016 entitled "Programming the Future" held in Rovinj
  • December - CARNET's National CERT Department participated in NATO exercise "Cyber Coalition 2016"
  • December - Classroom of the Future opened at the Children's Hospital Zagreb and Department of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology "Dr. Mladen Ćepulić " within the School in the Hospital project



  • January - 705 schools expressed the interest in becoming e-schools
  • January - CARNET presented Classroom of the Future at the Night of Museums
  • January - CARNET becomes a member of the Expert Working Group for implementation of comprehensive curricular reform
  • February - Cooperation Agreement between .hr and .rs domain registries signed
  • February - ICT Curricula project completed
  • February - results of the selection of 150 schools which applied to the Public Call for Participation in the e-Schools Pilot Project published
  • February - Cross-Subject ICT Curriculum for primary school and digital teaching materials made available to educational community
  • March - 20 schools selected for the first phase of the e-Schools pilot project
  • March - National CERT participated in NATO exercise CMX15
  • March - new ECDL courses at the Nikola Tesla Portal
  • April - NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackaton held at CARNET
  • April - first 20 schools sign contracts on participating in the e-Schools project
  • April - laboratory for digital teacher training Opened in Split
  • April - The 2nd Student Day of "Modern Technologies in Education - STO” held in Split
  • April - eLektire portal received new appearance and new contents
  • May - new generation of GÉANT Project
  • May - first Croatian Forum on Internet Management
  • June - the third CARNET mass open online course held
  • June - the "Introduction to e-Learning for Vocational School Teachers" open educational course held
  • July - the new service of issuing electronic certificates – TCS
  • July - the Amendments to the Ordinance on the Organisation and Management of the National Internet Top-Level Domain published
  • October - the "Protect Your Privacy on Facebook" CERT brochure published  
  • October - the National Strategy for Cybernetic Safety adopted
  • November - e-Schools in the 2015 Education and Training Monitor for the Republic of Croatia
  • November - the 17th CARNET Users Conference, CUC 2015, held in Dubrovnik under the title "New-Schools"
  • November - CARNET organises the biggest virtual visit to CERN in the history of virtual visits
  • November - CARNET's CERT participates in the "Cyber Coalition 2015" NATO exercise
  • November - CARNET Meduza - a new service for the distribution of multimedia content
  • November - the AMORES EU project completed in CARNET
  • December - an online public discussion organised under the title "Proposal of Criteria for the Creation of High-Quality Digital Educational Content"
  • December - CARNET's experts receive recognition from the European Network and Information Security Agency
  • December - e-Schools - European Social Fund Grant Agreement signed



  • February - signing of the Agreement on technical cooperation between the Security and Intelligence Agency and CARNET
  • February - 20th anniversary of the WWW.HR - Croatian Homepage' portal
  • March - CARNET's first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
  • April - 1st Modern Technologies in Education - MTE student day
  • June - CARNET developed mToken letter of credentials for the e-Citizens system
  • June - e-Class Register for parents as part of the e-Citizens project
  • June - Classroom of the Future in Koprivnica for more than 700 students
  • September - Classrooms of the Future in 2nd Elementary School in Bjelovar, Ruđer Bošković Technical School in Zagreb, and in a rebuilt elementary school in Gunja
  • September - bandwidth of CARNET's international connection to GÉANT network increased to 20 Gbit/s
  • September - commencement of project Amores in schools
  • September - start of the negotiations on initialisation of educational program on e-Learning
  • September - renovated primary school in Gunja opened the door and the Classroom of the future
  • October - start of the workshops for teachers in the application of information and communication technologies in everyday teaching
  • October - first Laboratory of Applications opened at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek
  • November - second CARNET massive open online course
  • November - 16th CARNET Users Conference CUC 2014 took place in Antunovic Hotel in Zagreb
  • November - CARNET CERT participated in the NATO exercise "Cyber Coalition 2014"
  • December - meeting of the General Assembly of The GÉANT Association held in Zagreb
  • December - CARNET conducted manufacturers neutral testing of the Wi-Fi technology
  • December - public invitation to schools - beginning of the process of informatization of Croatian education
  • December - 11 new free online ECDL courses for students, teachers and students announced



  • January - the National CERT took over the activities of CARNET CERT
  • February - CARNET became a part of ACDC – Advanced Cyber Defence Centre – with EU support
  • April - on 1st April, the new two-year infrastructure GÉANT3plus project started, with CARNET being the full member of the international pan-European consortium
  • April - on 15th April, launched, officially introducing e-applications to high schools and secondary schools
  • June - CARNET's Schools 2.0 project by received the "European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration"
  • June - CARNET celebrated 10th anniversary of the E-learning Academy
  • August - CARNET implemented the computer and communication network of the Croatian health system
  • October - CARNET started coordination of the AMORES project (Approach to MOtivating learners to Read in European Schools) with EU support
  • November - 15th CARNET users conference – CUC 2013 – held at Hotel Antunović in Zagreb
  • December - CARNET presented a new service - eduKnjižara, a single point comprising e-textbooks from elementary school to university, but also other e-books and educational e-content
  • December - CARNET was awarded the Shield of St. Barbara



  • January - on 1st January Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET established online registration system of the free-of-charge .hr and domains
  • January - web application e-Class Register for students
  • March - CARNET Schools Portal, designed for teachers, students, their parents and schools celebrated five years of it's existence
  • May - CARNET and GÉANT introduced a new service called Bandwidth on Demand
  • June - on 5th June, Safer Internet Centre established to promote computer and information security in the Republic of Croatia
  • June - CARNET took over e-Matica service, an information system designed to manage all relevant information regarding students and employees in primary and university education systems
  • July - mobile versions of CARNET web pages developed
  • November - 14th CARNET Users Conference - CUC 2012 - held on Rijeka University Campus on Trsat. Entitled "Communicate (faster), Learn (more), Connect (stronger)!" the Conference included 7 keynote lectures, 15 workshops, over 30 peer-reviewed papers, one round table and more than 30 presentations
  • November - CARNET became a partner of INFO Fair and presented its activities through a series of lectures, workshops and round tables
  • November - 20th anniversary of the Internet in the Republic of Croatia
  • December - presentation of CARNET's new online learning system Loomen



  • January – on 10th January 2011 CARNET established traffic exchange with Hrvatski Telekom d.d. via Croatian national centre for exchange of Internet traffic – CIX (Croatian Internet eXchange)
    February – CARNET was presented on Safer Internet Day 2011
  • March – CARNET has developed a new service "sys.backup" that allows you to perform remote and secure data backup
  • May - CARNET started a blog called "" intended primarily for teachers in primary and secondary schools and for scientific teaching staff in higher-education institutions, who use, or would like to use, information communication technology for improvement of their classes
  • July - on 19th July, fifteen years ago, the CARNET CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) was established within the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET
  • September - on 5th September, beginning of the e-class register project
  • September - in cooperation with CARNET,  the RIPE NCC organized Regional Meeting in Dubrovnik, from 6 to 9 September
  • October - on 10th October, began the first Study Visit in Croatia within the Europen Union Lifelong Learning Programme, organised by the CARNET
  • October - on 17th October, CARNET announced its new web centre for computer and information security
  • December - on 21st December CARNET Baltazar video portal was initiated, containing the entire pedagogical and educational programme of the Zagreb film



  • January – start of the first stage of the CARNET project "ICT in school"
  • JanuaryCARNET and the Town of Opatija signed an agreement on business and technical cooperation
  • January – Agreement on Business and Technical Cooperation signed between the Central State Office for e-Croatia, the City of Rijeka and the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET
  • February – demo version of the state final exam published enabling students to test their knowledge in all obligatory and elective subjects of the state final exam
  • February – Cruncher, the CARNET supercomputer, upgraded in order to represent a solid computer for memory and processor demanding programmes
  • March – new 25 lessons with many animated examples, audiovisual simulations and interactive elements were added to the National Distance-Learning Portal "Nikola Tesla"
  • March – meeting of the CARNET Chief Executive Officer and the president of Macedonia regarding the possibility of using new technologies for the purpose of development of education, economy and society as a whole
  • April – on 8th April, a New Ordinance on Organisation and Management of National Internet Top-level Domain was adopted
  • MayCARNET Managing Council set administrative and technical requirements for legal entities wishing to enter into contract with CARNET to perform activities of domain registration from the scope of work of CARNET
  • MayCARNET Managing Council adopted the price list of the CARNET domain administration services
  • May – opened applications for the traditional CARNET web competition - Webfestival 2010 under the slogan "Let's Moodle together!" which will deal with educational contents published in one of the most widespread open-code learning management systems – Moodle
  • MayCARNET users were provided with free access to a digital online edition of the PC Chip magazine
  • MayCARNET School Portal, in cooperation with CARNET Users Conference - CUC 2010, started another competition for the best and most useful school webs prepared in the CARNET CMS
  • JuneCARNET School Portal got the new looks and new functions, among which are a course materials base that can be browsed in more ways and many new and useful modules. New pages on the Portal were optimized, have better layout, and were made to conform to accessibility rules
  • June – in order to open new communication channels for the existing and potential CARNET users, CARNET opened its account on the popular Internet social network Facebook
  • June – as part of the eLektira project, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and the Bulaja naklada, CARNET provided pupils and students with free access to comprehensive body of works of Croatian and foreign writers from the list of mandatory school readings, but also other titles
  • July – on 1st July a registration of paid second-level domains was enabled
  • July – third year in a row CARNET won a prestigious prize "Comenius EduMedia Seal of Approval", this time for the online course "Development of online courses using Moodle"
  • SeptemberCARNET published a brochure entitled "Safer on the Internet" which is a guide for computer amateurs which helps them recognise dangers and actively protect themselves
  • October – experts from RIPE NCC (Réseaux of IP Européens Network Coordination Centre) held a course under the name of "Local Internet Registry Training Course" which provides basic knowledge to the Internet service providers, so that they could manage the resources allocated to them i.e. carry out a role of Local Internet Registries
  • November – involvement of CARNET in the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union by hosting, in October 2011, a group of participants from the European countries that are parties to the Lifelong Learning Programme comprising the heads of educational institutions or their departments, professors, teachers, researchers and representatives of education organisations, as well as local, regional and state government. This will make CARNET the first institution in Croatia to host such study visit
  • November – 12th CARNET Users Conference - CUC 2010 started at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Split. Entitled "New challenges", the conference programme offered 62 papers, 14 workshops, 13 presentations, a film, a panel discussion and a round table
  • NovemberCARNET established another IPv6 connection via Croatian National Centre for Exchange of Internet Traffic - CIX (Croatian Internet eXchange - CIX), this time with Optima Telekom
  • November – new CARNET portal entitled was published as a central point of access to CARNET educational services
  • December – in cooperation with VIPnet, a new CARNET service - Homebox CARNET - was presented. It provides users with the new method of individual access to CARNET network in combination with the land phone lines
  • December – the third workshop on the subject of the basics of network forensics


  • January – Tele2CARNET launched – a new service providing wireless connection to the CARNET network via Tele2 HSPA, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS technologies, available on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia
  • February – “Tesla u školi” (“Tesla in School”) project launched with the aim of encouraging a better and a more extensive application and implementation of digital course materials from the “Nikola Tesla” National Portal for Distance Learning
  • February - 12th February 2009: 15th anniversary of the WWW.HR project – Croatian domain name, realised under the auspices of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, with CARNET financial aid, at the Department of Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) of the University of Zagreb
  • March - Stick2CARNET launched, a new service offering a possibility of wireless connection to the CARNET network via T-Mobile Croatia HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS technologies, available on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia
  • April - 6th April 2009: CARNET assumed all activities concerning CARNET network development and maintenance
  • April – publication of the first Croatian online encyclopedia – Proleksis encyclopedia, developed in cooperation of Pro Leksis and CARNET, containing over 62,000 articles and  more than 17,000 photographs, illustrations, maps etc.
  • April – expansion of the CARNET network access service package – TRIO.CARNET; the new service has all the Internet access parameters same as the DUO.CARNET service, but offers users a new feature – Iskon.TV television
  • AprilCARNET Cruncher launched – a new service providing CARNET full member institutions a time-limited possibility of using a supercomputer equipped with multiple processors, a large amount of random access memory and a large number of discs
  • MayCARNET workshops on web forensics for professional training of the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs’ employees with the purpose of prevention of Internet abuse
  • May - on 13th May the approval given by the Office of the National Security Council allows the start of the operation of the National CERT Department within CARNET
  • JulyCARNET received a Comenius EduMedia Award for an online course: “E-tečaj za e-mentore” (“E-course for e-Mentors”)
  • August – at the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports' initiative, a portal was launched for primary and secondary school students and their parents for exchange of school textbooks
  • August – a new CARNET webmail version launched


  • JanuaryCARNET received the award for its e-Islands project in the category of the best projects with the greatest influence on the community
  • February - 28th February 2008: 15th anniversary of .hr national domain – on 27th February 1993 the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) accepted .hr as the top-level domain for the Republic of Croatia
  • FebruaryCARNET organised an international event – annual gathering of heads of public relations departments from all academic and research networks from Europe and the region
  • May – DUO.CARNET launched – a broadband Internet access based on CARNET network access technology and ADSL technology, providing a user with a telephone line and a telephone number
  • JulyCARNET received the Comenius EduMedia 2008 prize for its Logo online programming course – “Logo – online učenje programiranja”
  • September – State final exam portal launched – Tour de Matour
  • October – 6th generation of CARNET E-Learning Academy with 73 new attendants
  • October – “E-tečaj za e-mentore“ (“E-course for e-mentors”) – a new CARNET online course designed
  • October – after years-long use of a commercial distance learning programme (WebCT) CARNET offered a non-commercial course management system to its users – Moodle
  • November – 10th CARNET Users Conference CUC 2008 held in Rijeka, entitled Internet 10.0
  • December – OptiCARNET launched – a new broadband Internet access service based on CARNET network access technology and ADSL technology, providing a user with a telephone line and a telephone number
  • December – VIPme CARNET launched – a new CARNET network access service providing a mobile access to the network resources from locations without a standard Internet connection, with no monthly fee (prepaid service)
  • December – after six years, launching of a new CARNET web in harmony with the new CARNET visual identity
  • January – December – continued establishment and maintenance of network connections for 1,601 institutions connected to the CARNET network on 1,571 locations: 165 institutions from the academic community connected on 280 locations, 28 institutions from the health care system connected on 25 locations, 21 other full member institutions connected on 36 locations, and 1,366 institutions from the educational system connected on 1,193 location
  • January – December – 150 schools switched to or launched their web sites in CARNET CMS (Content Management System) thus increasing the total number of schools using CMS to over 660
  • January – December – content filtering established for more than 550,000 students with Internet access from PC classrooms in their primary and secondary schools


  • February - 19th February: launching of the new Internet access service – XCARNET, which enables individual broadband access to CARNET network via cable television infrastructure
  • March - 1st March: launching of the CARNET Schools Portal designed for teachers, students, their parents and schools
  • May - 30th May: fourteen commercial and non-commercial Internet service providers in the Republic of Croatia signed the Memorandum establishing a joint working group for Abuse Services of Croatian Internet Service Providers"
  • June - 27th June: increase of CARNET network IP connection capacity on the Pan European network GÉANT2 from 2.5Gbit/s to 10 Gbit/s, introducing for the first time the possibility of international gigabit connections for point-to-point services
  • June - 29th June: graduation of the fourth generation of students of E-learning Management, E-learning Tutoring and E-learning Course Design educational programs of the CARNET E-learning Academy, who attended the program in Croatian language
  • July - on 2nd July 2007 CARNET merged Helpdesk for user support, which was performed under contract by the University Computing Centre, and the Helpdesk for user support from the educational system, and established an integrated Helpdesk for all CARNET users
  • September – MOD2 portal launched
  • November – launching of the new Internet access service designed for CARNET end users – MetroCARNET, which enables Internet access via ADSL technology
  • December – realization of the e-Islands project, which provides a broadband network connection between twenty schools on the islands around Zadar, Šibenik and Dubrovnik and regional schools on land, thus enabling delivery of e-contents to children from remote areas as well as access to the best education and the latest technology (broadband Internet access and access to CARNET videoconferencing system)
  • January – December – continuation of the activity of connecting primary and secondary schools to CARNET network: 205 new member locations connected to CARNET network during 2007


  • February – new method of individual access to CARNET network introduced – wireless approach to network resources – Mobile CARNET
  • February – project of connecting primary and secondary schools to CARNET network commenced; 1,009 schools connected during 2006
  • March - 1st March: a new form of user names consistent with AAI@EduHr standard started to be used for a number of CARNET network services
  • March - 3rd March: certificates awarded to students of the II. generation of E-learning Tutoring and E-learning Course Design programs of the CARNET E-learning Academy
  • JuneCARNET educational centre Edupoint enriched its program with 2 online textbook and 9 online courses
  • June - 30th June: certificates awarded to students of the III. generation of E-learning Management, Tutoring and Course Design programs of the CARNET E-learning Academy, who were the first to take the mentioned courses in Croatian language
  • September – HUSO system (Hosting Service for Primary and Secondary Schools) launched


  • March - 7th of March: start of the two new E-learning Academy courses: E-learning Tutoring and E-learning Course Design
  • AprilCARNET provided technical support to video conference distance learning course from the School of Master Radovan in Trogir for students of a regional school on the Drvenik Veli island
  • June – start of the activities for connecting elementary and secondary schools to the CARNET network by way of ADSL technology
  • July - 1st of July: certificates were awarded to the students of the 1st generation of the E-learning Management programme, within the E-learning Academy,
  • AugustCARNET established a teleconference room at the Knin Polytechnic School
  • October - 14th of October: connecting BIHARNET node in Mostar with CARNET node in Zagreb and thereby establishing connection between the two networks, pursuant to the Agreement on cooperation in establishment of connection between the CARNET and BIHARNET networks, signed on the 4th of August 2005 by the Government of the Republic of Croatia
  • October – start of the course for students of the 2nd generation of the E-learning Management and the E-learning Course Design programmes within the E-learning Academy, for the first time in Croatian language
  • NovemberCARNET successfully passed external evaluation and earned the certificate of the European Foundation for Quality Management – EFQM, for the first level of business excellence – Committed that Excellence
  • December CARNET presented its new programs "Nikola Tesla – Croatian E-learning System" and the "Croatian School Web Space"


  • February - 27th February: within the Giga CARNET project and through a connection to the GÉANT network, a twice-faster connection of CARNet to the other academic and research networks in Europe and in the world (at the speed of 1.2 Gb/s instead of the former 622 Mb/s) was enabled
  • March - until 1st March: within the Giga CARNET project, a range of gigabit connections in the Zagreb part of the CARNET network was established
  • March - 5th March: Cisco Academy started a new educational program Fundamentals of Network Security
  • September – within the Giga CARNET project the first intercity gigabit connections between Rijeka, Split and Zagreb were released
  • October - 18th October: E-learning Academy (ELA) was launched as an organized form of education for management, design and delivery of e-education through three one-year certified educational programs
  • November - 23rd November: Edupoint developed two new online courses: Searching online data bases and Course development in WebCT
  • December - 1st December: Edulab was opened at the Technical Faculty in Rijeka


  • January - 23rd – 24th January: CARNET CERT hosted TF-CSIRT, the 8th meeting on network security
  • February - 3rd February: new CARNET modem entry application for user authorisation released
  • February - 21st February: the project of CARNET and National and University Library (NSK) "Wireless Internet in NSK" presented
  • February - 28th February: within the “ 10@HR – It’s Internet time!” action tenders were invited for collection of Internet projects with nationally relevant content
  • May - 19th – 22nd May: a joint conference by CARNET and TERENA The European Research and Educational Network Association was held under the title "User Opportunities/Network Challenges"
  • June - 23rd June: a joint project by CARNet and the University Computing Center was started under the title of "Giga CARNET", which will enable high speed connection to similar networks in Europe and in the world through a connection to the GÉANT network
  • September - 24th September: promotion of four CARNET Reference Centers for support to university teaching staff who want to use information technologies in their instruction
  • December - 18th December: within the Giga CARNET project infrastructure necessary to connect Zagreb student dorms to the CARNET backbone at gigabit speed was established


  • February - 28th February: international Internet connection increased to 45 Mbps
  • May - 1st May: GÉANT PoP (Point of Presence) released; international Internet connection increased to 155 Mbps
  • July - 11th July: international Internet connection increased to 622 Mbps
  • September - 21st – 25th September: "3rd CEENet workshop on network management" in Zagreb


  • JanuaryCARNET Educational Center Edupoint was established
  • December - 1st December: connection to pan-European academic and research network GÉANT
  • December - 31st December: a unique dialling code for CARNET modem entries was introduced in the whole Croatia; connection through ISDN terminal devices was also enabled


  • MarchCARNET NTP server established
  • September - 8th September: Croatian Internet eXchange (CIX) point was established
  • November - 21st November: connecting to the pan-European research network TEN-155 (Trans European Internet Research Network); international Internet connection speed increased to 34 Mbps
  • November - 31st November: Cisco Academy of Network Services started operating


  • January – the first course for future CARNET instructors within the "Training the Trainers" program
  • September - 28th – 30th September: the first CARNET User Conference - CUC


  • October - 15th – 22nd October: the first in a row of the "CARNET week" activities at the member institutions


  • January - 23rd January: the first distance lecture was held between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek
  • May - 22nd May: the speed of the network backbone in Zagreb increased to 622 Mbps
  • October - 23rd – 31st October: "3rd CEENet network technologies workshop" in Zagreb


  • June - 7th June: first intercity ATM connections established
  • June - 7th June: first video-signal transfer through the CARNET network (broadcasting of the World festival of animated movies Animafest '96, between Zagreb and Rijeka and Zagreb and Osijek)
  • July - 19th July: CCERT (CARNET Computer Emergency Response Team), national center for computer network security was founded


  • March - 1st March: CARNET institution was founded
  • October - 20th October: the first ATM connection at the speed of 155 Mbps between the University Computing Center and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb was established


  • September – the first central WWW server established
  • October – the first Internet courses for users held


  • February - 27th February: top-level .hr domain acquired


  • September – central FTP and IRC servers established
  • October – the first courses for computer system engineers
  • November - 17th November: the first Croatian Internet connection to the world established


  • October – CARNET started as a project of the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • October – Helpdesk started operating