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Computing Infrastructure and Services Department

Activities of the Computing Infrastructure and Services Department are related to the development and maintenance of the central computer and information systems and services, the provision of system support to member institutions, the establishment and maintenance of domains, the development of public and internal application solutions, as well as the maintenance of internal CARNET computer and information infrastructures.

The department is internally divided into four organisational units:

  • Member Institution System Support Service
  • System Support Service
  • Information System and Services
  • Domain.

The member institution system support service is responsible for a series of administrative and technical services provided by CARNET to its member institutions. It includes services of training member institution system engineers, a helpdesk for system engineers, VoopIX (a service of connecting the telephone switchboards of member institutions in a joint private telephone network based on VoIP protocols), services of virtual servers for member institutions (as a substitute for the previous service of distributing physical servers), construction and maintenance of a Portal for system engineers, the service long distance secure data backup (sys.backup), etc.

The system support service provides services of system maintenance for CARNET public services such as NISpVU (National information system of application to higher education institutions), IFIS (Integrated financial information system), e-class registers, HUSO (Hosting service for high schools and elementary schools), system for filtering inappropriate content for students of primary and secondary schools as well as many internal computer systems that CARNET uses in its business activities.

The information system and services constructs and maintains numerous public and internal information services such as the CMS system for schools, time-table for schools, CMS for CARNETs' public and internal networks etc. The service also creates and maintains application solutions such as the class register, an application for the online registration of .hr domains, a VoopIX project management system and numerous applications used internally in CARNET.

The domain is a separate organisational unit of the Computer and IT Systems and Services Department that administratively and technically manages the registration system of .hr domains.